A Valentine from the Lover of my soul

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”

I said that – recently. But it’s not really that I hate the day, just that I don’t like being reminded everywhere I turn that other people are in love when I am not.

But this Valentine’s Day is different. Today I chose to see the gifts that are already mine; to live with joy. Today may not be a day of roses, greeting card sentiments, or romantic dinners, but I have enjoyed the gifts from the Lover of my soul.

Good morning sunshine

The Lover of my soul gave me sunshine in the morning.

glimmering web

The Lover of my soul gave me a glorious shimmering web.

cloud-washed sky

The Lover of my soul gave me a sky washed with soft white clouds.




flowersThe Lover of my soul gave me flowers.

But most of all, I remembered that Jesus Christ, the Lover of my soul, gave his everything to show me his love.

Thank you Lord for your love, it is precious beyond all things. I love you because you first loved me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

9 thoughts on “A Valentine from the Lover of my soul

  1. Nice one! being single doesn’t mean life is miserable on valentines day. If you have friends and family with you, you are not actually ‘loveless’ at all. And yeah, there is someone up there who first love us and His love will remain till the day we die. The lover of our soul is our ultimate partner for life 🙂


    1. Thanks Cookie! Great song, I hadn’t heard it before. Interestingly, the Lord has just recently been talking to me about dancing with him, so the timing is perfect. Thank you for sharing it.


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