What am I grateful for?

Thank you Lord

For the cool spring evening air
And the velvet scented rose petals
For the colour of a momentary rainbow
And beauty that cuts me to the heart and overflows onto my cheeks

Thank you Lord

For chocolate sweet and silky melting on my tongue
And the light in a loved one’s eyes when they see me
For stories that touch me, teach me and change me
And the possibility of dreams fulfilled

Thank you Lord

For the sound of melody and harmony
And the gift of silence and stillness
For people who give the gift of themselves
And for shared laughter and tears

Thank you Lord

For the warmth of a hug that needs no explanation
And a smile that brings sunshine
For the joy of your presence
And the understanding that I am your beloved

Thank you Lord

For every thing
Small and large
That waits for me to notice

Thank you Lord

Waterfall near Franz Josef Glacier, NZ

Who Paints the Sky?

sunset skyI wanted chocolate tonight. I didn’t need it.

Definitely wanted it. Definitely didn’t need it.

So instead of driving to the supermarket after dinner I went for a walk. I soon succumbed to the beauty of the evening and my surroundings, and the chocolate craving disappeared. Mission accomplished.

But my walk was more than a diversion; it became a gift.

I’m often fascinated by the sky, with all its glorious colours, and patterns in the clouds. It may be completely different from one day to the next. And when I see a sunrise or a sunset it seems to me that the Lord is painting me a glorious canvas, telling me how much he loves me. And it’s a gift that expands my heart and fills me with peace, joy and thankfulness to the lover of my soul.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1

Here are some more of my photos of this evening’s painted sky. I hope you enjoy them.

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