31 Days: A prayer for rest and renovation

The Rhythm of Rest

Dear Lord,

I wish I could just flick a switch and suddenly I’d know how to rest well. I’d trust you to take care of me through the challenges in my day, instead  of getting stressed trying to sort it out on my own.

I’d be relaxed and focused on the most important things, not worrying about every little thing.

I’d be present in the moment instead of fixating on past mistakes or procrastinating for fear of future ones.

But that’s not how you work. You’re not interested in quick fixes or short cuts. 

You’re interested in relationship and long-term transformation.

You’re interested in walking with me. You’re interested in teaching me how to walk with you, unworried and unhurried.

I am under renovation. A work in progress. Renovation takes time and things are messy. But what a transformation when the renovation is done.

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This is Day 8 of The Rhythm of Rest series (Write 31 Days challenge).