31 Days: The Journey to Listen

Tree and Leaf

This morning I was reminded that we can often be at different points in our journey with the Lord. We need to remember that some of our fellow travellers may be yet to learn things that have been our own experience for years, while others may a great deal to each us. We need to extend each other grace, to encourage and learn from one another as we journey. So I wanted to share something from my journal, something from a few years back in my own journey of learning to listen.

10 June 2007
Today I learnt some new things about leading worship and about group prayer…

When we prayed before the service, for the first time I wasn’t bothered by the silences in between the prayers. I always used to worry about the silences, and feel like the gaps needed to be filled. This morning I realised that those ‘gaps’ can be just as important for listening to God in a group situation as they are when we pray individually. I began to relax and enjoy the time … my own prayers more heart-felt and authentic because of it.

When I was leading pastoral prayer during the service, I felt the same thing, calm and relaxed in the silences, praying in the Spirit and seeking his guidance about when to close the prayer time and what to pray.

So what can sometimes be a tense experience for me was actually a lovely time of fellowship as I listened to the prayers being offered to the Lord.

What have you been learning about listening?

31 Days to Listen

This is Day 19 of the series 31 Days to Listen.

31 Days to Listen

31 Days to Listen

If you’ve been reading Flourish! for a while you might remember that I started the year reflecting on God’s whispered invitation to listen. In October I’m joining other bloggers taking on The Nester‘s 31 Day challenge to write every day of the month on the same topic. I want to learn how to listen well, so I’ll be writing every day about listening. I’d also love to hear about your experience and perspective on listening, so I hope you’ll join me on this listening journey.

I’ll be adding a link here for each day, so there’s one place to find all the month’s writing together. And if I can sort out the technology there will also be a button on the home page so you can check back here any time during the month.

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The presence of God


The key [to the presence of God] is searching for God, learning to listen for his voice, burrowing into his heart, listening to what he says, and then doing it, however simple or complex it might be. If he says it, do it. If he doesn’t tell you to do something then why are you doing things? Why not just sit at his feet?

Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts
The Grace Outpouring

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When listening is the way to His heart

The Invitation

The God-whisper:

Learn how to listen.
Make time to listen.
Be intentional about listening.
Give honour and respect, don’t bring your own agenda.
This is not just about getting instructions for the next thing to do.
This is about relationship, knowing, intimacy.
This is about heart-sharing.
This is about transformation.

That was over two years ago. I was asking the Lord how to foster a more intimate relationship with him. Slowly, I’ve been learning; inclining my ear towards him.

And still He whispers, “Listen.”

The truth is that while there have been wonderful moments of listening and receiving, I’ve also been dodging and weaving, ducking and diving.

I want to share my heart with you, but you need to listen.

The truth is that I haven’t trusted his heart for me. I’ve too often tightened my grip on my own agenda. And I’ve been afraid of what I might hear.

The truth is that his love is unfailing.
His faithfulness is unwavering.
His grace and mercy are unmatched.
His gentleness is unsurpassed.

And I am his beloved.


An intimate relationship is only possible if I will listen. This is the path set before me. The invitation.

As we enter into a new year, this is the path I choose. To listen to his word, his voice, his heart, his creation.

I want to find out what happens when my first priority is to listen.

What is God whispering to you?

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