When you need fresh inspiration for adoring God in prayer

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say, how to adore God in a way that doesn’t sound trite or rehearsed, or like we’re simply going through the motions. Sometimes we need a little help. One great way is to read scripture, and pray out of our response to it. But there are other ways of creatively meeting God in prayer.

Recently I was leading prayer at church and I brought along a few objects to provide a little inspiration. Feathers, stones, gift tags, sprigs of rosemary and some crocheted hearts.

Prayer Inspiration

I invited people to come and take one or more of the objects and to spend a few minutes listening and reflecting on what God was showing them about himself or about what he has done. Then I invited people to pray their responses aloud.

It was wonderful to see how the Lord used those ordinary items to inspire fresh expressions of adoration to him.

For myself I chose a stone and a heart. As I held them in my hand I was reminded that God is my Rock, that Jesus is the precious cornerstone and a sure foundation. I was reminded of how much he loves me. The two items side by side reminded me of how God removes the heart of stone and replaces it with a heart of flesh.

Have you ever tried anything like this? If not, consider collecting one or two ordinary items from around your house or garden.

Spend a few minutes holding an item in your hands. Pay attention to what it feels like – smooth or rough, soft or hard – feel the weight of it in your hand. Notice the colours, patterns and the details. If it has a scent (like the rosemary we used) then smell it. You may want to rub it between your fingers or bruise it to draw out the fragrance. If your item is edible you might want to taste it.

Whatever you notice, whatever the Lord shows you, use that to reflect praise and adoration back to him.

If you try this out, or if it’s a normal practice for you, I’d love to hear about your experience. Please share in the Comments.

31 Days: And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy

Genesis 2:2-3 

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

Image credit: morguefile.com

May your day be blessed and may you find rest and joy in the presence of the Lord.

The Rhythm of Rest

This is Day 11 of The Rhythm of Rest series (Write 31 Days challenge).

31 Days: Be still and Listen

Eucalyptus flowers

Be still and know that I am God.

Lord, for many years I’ve been drawn to know your still small voice. And it is when I come to the end of my own strength, when I stop struggling and fighting, when I surrender to you, become still and rest in you, then I can truly hear you.

[When do you find that you hear God speaking to you most clearly?]

31 Days to Listen

This is Day 9 of 31 Days to Listen.

31 Days: He listens

Dawn Silhouette

Yesterday I walked past a city church building and I noticed the sign advertising times for their worship services. A lot of churches have them, but what caught my attention about this one was that it represented the body of Christ from three different continents. There were Sudanese and Chinese worship services along with English services. Three distinctly different expressions of Christ’s bride the church, worshipping in the same place.

I love that.

“I love that too” was the whispered response.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I forget that God really is always with me, and that he’s listening; even to my silent thoughts.

So I’m starting this 31 Days to Listen with a reminder to myself, and to all of us, that God listens to us.

I love the Lord because he hears my voice
    and my prayer for mercy.
Because he bends down to listen,
    I will pray as long as I have breath!
Psalm 116:1-2

He bends down to listen. I love that image.

Do you need to know that He hears your voice, that He listens for you?

31 Days to Listen