It could have been worse…

The mercury hit 41°C today. The bus ride home from work took an hour and by the time I walked in the door I was hot and tired and cranky. But it could have been worse.

The bus was a few minutes late, but at least it arrived. It could have been worse.

There was air-conditioning, even if it did struggle a bit. It could have been worse.

The bus was full but at least nobody had to stand while we were travelling on the freeway. It could have been worse.

My handbag slid off my lap and landed on the floor, but at least nothing fell out. It could have been worse.

It could have been worse … but it wasn’t. I’m discovering that sometimes I just need to change my perspective to see grace in my day. Even if it is 41°C outside.

And for another perspective on gratitude, I’d like to finish with the classic Four Yorkshiremen sketch. It’s been done many times over the years, but here’s the original pre-Monty Python version (my favourite). Enjoy!