31 Days: Listen and stay a little longer

One of my favourite songs recently has been “A Little Longer” by Jenn Johnson. The story behind the song is worth hearing. When she was running around in frantic busyness to get ready to go and lead worship in a conference at her church, Jenn walked past the piano in their living room and felt the Holy Spirit saying, “Sit down and worship.”

Frustrated and annoyed, but knowing it was God speaking to her, she eventually sat down at the piano and sang “What can I do for you? What can I bring to you? What kind of song would you like me to sing?”

What he said surprised her. “I didn’t want anything, I just wanted to be with you.”

What followed were a lot of tears and this song. Have a listen.


When the last thing you think you need is to stop and listen, what will you do if He breaks into your busyness and asks you to stay a little longer with him?

31 Days to Listen

This is Day 20 of the series 31 Days to Listen.