What am I grateful for?

Thank you Lord

For the cool spring evening air
And the velvet scented rose petals
For the colour of a momentary rainbow
And beauty that cuts me to the heart and overflows onto my cheeks

Thank you Lord

For chocolate sweet and silky melting on my tongue
And the light in a loved one’s eyes when they see me
For stories that touch me, teach me and change me
And the possibility of dreams fulfilled

Thank you Lord

For the sound of melody and harmony
And the gift of silence and stillness
For people who give the gift of themselves
And for shared laughter and tears

Thank you Lord

For the warmth of a hug that needs no explanation
And a smile that brings sunshine
For the joy of your presence
And the understanding that I am your beloved

Thank you Lord

For every thing
Small and large
That waits for me to notice

Thank you Lord

Waterfall near Franz Josef Glacier, NZ

How We Can All Learn from the Creativity of a Child

Recently I’ve been pondering the significance of dreaming (and not just about a holiday to New Zealand).

What might we create from the power of our dreams (the day dreams and the sleeping kind)? What might the future look like if we’re willing to dream, willing to imagine something that doesn’t yet exist, willing to pursue it into reality?

How often do we relegate dreaming to the domain of children? The ones who are too young, too innocent, too naive to know that dreaming is only a childhood game to be discarded by adults who ‘know better.’

Do we? Do we really know better?

Melissa Niu’s post, How We Can All Learn from the Creativity of a Child on photofocus.com is a reminder that children are sometimes the best teachers. They reveal the truths that we’ve forgotten, and restore to us a world of wonder and possibility.

When a dream becomes more than just a dream

Milford Sound

Recently I took a holiday to New Zealand with my sister. It’s been over twenty years since we first dreamed about going to New Zealand together. Somehow there always seemed to be something else happening.

Whenever people have asked me where I’d like to travel, my first answer has always been Zealand. It has always been at the top of my list – even though I’ve ended up travelling to numerous other countries over the years. Somehow, New Zealand kept being pushed further and further to the back of the cupboard. It lay in a dark corner, unseen, gathering dust.

One day folded into the next, until weeks and months and years passed by. Every now and then I’d come across it while looking for something else.

New Zealand was parked in “I’d like to go … one day.”

Sometimes the stuff we call daily life seems to get in the way of the things we dream about. Even the mundane daily responsibilities seem more important than bringing a dream to life.

One day… One day…

Mirror Lakes on the road to Milford Sound
Mirror Lakes on the road to Milford Sound

Sometimes a dream feels like that’s all it will ever be. It’s easy to give up if you don’t hold onto it.

Until this year.

This year we made it happen. And I loved it. Loved it. Loved it like I dreamed I would. I’ve already started a mental list of the things I want to see and do when I go back. And I will be going back.

Our holiday in New Zealand was like a drink of cold water when your throat is dry. Refreshing. Life-giving.

Perhaps that’s what a dream come true will do for you.

Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo
Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo

I’m still standing

Only yesterday I was willing to kick sand in the face of fear. Today I’m not so sure. Was I crazy to think I’d have something worth saying every day for a month?

Fear swirls around like little eddies of sea water, looking for any place to erode my resolve.

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand
Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

But I can choose to stand firm.

I choose to release the words I have.

I pray that they reveal beauty, strength, hope and encouragement for you as you read them.