What does it mean to Flourish?

Today, I thought it might be good to revisit the inspiration for the name of this blog.

From John Ortberg’s book The Me I Want To Be:

God made you to flourish – to receive life from outside yourself, creating vitality within yourself and producing blessing beyond yourself. Flourishing is God’s gift and plan, and when you flourish you are in harmony with God, other people, creation, and yourself. Flourishing is not measured by outward signs such as income, possessions, or attractiveness. It means becoming the person he had in mind in creating you.

When you’re not sure what else to do – Just Show Up

I sat down to write; a few rambling thoughts and then I had a sudden urge to go and wash the dishes. What’s with that? I hate washing dishes. Will I be more inspired once my kitchen’s clean, or is that really just procrastination masquerading as responsibility?

Maybe I should go and find out. The dishes certainly aren’t going to wash themselves.

clean dishes

Well … the dishes are clean.

Now what?

Lord, I know you invited me to meet you on the page. So I guess that’s what I’m doing, showing up at the page. Perhaps that’s what you’re trying to show me; not to wait for inspiration before I start writing; not to wait until I feel like writing; not to wait until you show up before I take a step forward. But to show up in faith that you will meet me here.

I know the best way to write is to tell my own story, with my own voice. I’m still not sure exactly what that is or why anyone else would be interested, but perhaps that’s not for me to judge.

So I’m showing up, and I’m going to keep writing. Because showing up is the only way anything is ever going to happen.