31 Days: The Gift of Listening

Gold Rush A number of years ago, I asked God a question. A question followed by a declaration. A challenge even.

Lord is this all there is? Is this all I’m ever going to experience of you? Because if this is all there is, it’s not enough.

I was hungry. I didn’t fully realise it at the time, but I was hungry for more of God.

I’d been a Christian all my life, but I felt that there had to be more than what I’d experienced. That was a particular turning point for me, because it opened a way for God to show me that there was so much more to having a relationship with him than I could possibly imagine. He’s been continually answering that question with more of himself. And I’m still just beginning to discover the depth and richness of relationship that He offers.

Knowing that if I’m willing to listen, He’s willing to speak, has been one of those precious discoveries.

One of the ways I do that is to write my questions in a journal and wait for his answers. It’s not a ‘prayer list’ so much as a conversation. I write because it’s helps me to concentrate, and so I can come back and see what God was doing, what he was saying in particular seasons of my life. It’s good to see what I was learning, and to see what I’m still learning. It helps to see the threads he’s weaving together into the fabric of my life.

A simple question I often ask is, “Lord, what do you want me to know right now?”

That’s the kind of question that allows Him to set the agenda, to steer the direction of our conversation. There have been times (many, many times over the years) when I’ve been afraid to make room to listen. I’ve been afraid of what I might hear, what he might say, what he might ask of me. But I’ve discovered that most often he wants to tell me how I’m loved, to encourage me, to lead me forward.

I’m discovering what a precious gift it is to listen to God, to know him and to be known.

31 Days to Listen

This is Day 22 of the series 31 Days to Listen.

5 thoughts on “31 Days: The Gift of Listening

  1. Dear Ann, thank you for sharing this post. My spirit really resonated with what you said about how there have been many times over the years when you’ve been afraid to listen. I’ve been going through one of those times in my life recently and I was so encouraged by your reminder that there’s nothing to be scared of. The only condemning voice in my head is my own. God’s words are always full of grace and love and anything He would ask of me would only be for my good and His glory. Thank you again.


    1. Thanks Tarissa, I’m so glad it encouraged you. My apologies it’s taken so long to replay. For some reason WordPress filed your comment in the Spam folder, and I’ve only just discovered and rescued it. Blessings, Ann.


  2. Absolutely beautiful Ann in every way! Thank you so much for sharing your insights, your journey and your relationship with God! A blessing to read, Kris xx


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