31 Days: The Journey to Listen

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This morning I was reminded that we can often be at different points in our journey with the Lord. We need to remember that some of our fellow travellers may be yet to learn things that have been our own experience for years, while others may a great deal to each us. We need to extend each other grace, to encourage and learn from one another as we journey. So I wanted to share something from my journal, something from a few years back in my own journey of learning to listen.

10 June 2007
Today I learnt some new things about leading worship and about group prayer…

When we prayed before the service, for the first time I wasn’t bothered by the silences in between the prayers. I always used to worry about the silences, and feel like the gaps needed to be filled. This morning I realised that those ‘gaps’ can be just as important for listening to God in a group situation as they are when we pray individually. I began to relax and enjoy the time … my own prayers more heart-felt and authentic because of it.

When I was leading pastoral prayer during the service, I felt the same thing, calm and relaxed in the silences, praying in the Spirit and seeking his guidance about when to close the prayer time and what to pray.

So what can sometimes be a tense experience for me was actually a lovely time of fellowship as I listened to the prayers being offered to the Lord.

What have you been learning about listening?

31 Days to Listen

This is Day 19 of the series 31 Days to Listen.

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