31 Days: Be still and Listen

Eucalyptus flowers

Be still and know that I am God.

Lord, for many years I’ve been drawn to know your still small voice. And it is when I come to the end of my own strength, when I stop struggling and fighting, when I surrender to you, become still and rest in you, then I can truly hear you.

[When do you find that you hear God speaking to you most clearly?]

31 Days to Listen

This is Day 9 of 31 Days to Listen.

3 thoughts on “31 Days: Be still and Listen

  1. my friend shirley, a spiritual Director, taught me to “read for the pause” as I was reading scripture or inspirational reading. I would read until something jumped out at me, something i noticed, mark it and then go back there and start journaling. she taught me to first write a letter to God about what was in my heart and then to write “dear Carol” and then wait until I would see what he might have to say. She also taught me Lectio Divina and that was also helpful. one thing that also helps is having a “sacred space” where when i go there, i know why I am there – like my chair in my office, the lake, somewhere outside or somewhere I can see outside. I do have ADHD and the writing helps my racing brain slow down enough to stay on a topic long enough to process it. otherwise there are all kinds of rabbit trails I can go down!!! enjoying this sweet series.


    1. Great suggestions Carol, thanks for sharing them. I also like to journal because it helps me to focus as I’m listening, with the added bonus of being able to look back at it later and see what God was saying and doing over a period of time. I don’t have ADHD, but I know my own tendency to let my mind wander. I can see how you would find writing really helpful. Blessings, Ann


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