When God whispers “Come to Me”

Lighting the Way

Come to me, he whispers.

I don’t want to miss this moment.

As I listen to Bethel Music and Jenn Johnson singing “Come to Me” (it’s on repeat as I write this post) I am reminded that I am seen, that I am known, that I am precious.

I am reminded of the Lord’s great love for me, his desire for intimacy with me. I am reminded of his promises, that he is faithful and worthy of my trust. I am reminded that he is always with me.

I am reminded that I can come to him with all my questions, my burdens, my fears and my mess. I can rest in him.


This is the invitation he gives to me. Come to Me.

This is the invitation he gives to all of us. Come to Me.

He’s whispering to you. Come to Me.

Will you come?

3 thoughts on “When God whispers “Come to Me”

  1. Ann, I found my way over here when I posted after you on Faith Barista today.
    I really resonate with your journey. I am on a similar journey also, which started back in 2005….I am glad to find you here. Are you in Australia? I ended up on the website of a church in Australia which I assume is yours? I would love to hear more about your story. Blessings,


    1. Hi Carol, I’m delighted that you found me and came over for a visit. You are correct, I live in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, and commute into the city for work. I paid a visit to your blog and I can see what you mean about resonating. You now have a new follower. I’d be happy to share more of my story with you, but I might do that by email if that’s okay with you.


      1. Would love to hear from you. I live meeting kindred spirits like this. I signed up for yours too. Will be back soon blogging again after surgery. My email is inder ” contact me” tab on my website.


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