Too busy for the real gift?

Christmas Presents

It’s only two weeks until Christmas. If that thought makes you feel panicky inside chances are that the end-of-year busyness and all the preparations needed to make Christmas ‘perfect’ (or at least meet the family expectations) are taking their toll.

All the end-of-year events, the planning, the shopping, the decorations, the gift wrapping, and the cooking. In conversations about plans for Christmas I’ve been surprised by some of the responses. There’s so much to do, even thinking about it is exhausting, and they can hardly wait for Christmas to be over. Then there’ll be time for rest.

In the busy onslaught of Christmas preparations, do we miss the real significance? To celebrate the birth of Christ, the Prince of Peace. Ann-Maree Keefe has an insightful song called Busy. While it’s not specific to Christmas, I think it’s a timely message. In it she sings:

and the peace that was promised
held out as a gift
we run straight past it
for the door of a lift
and my heart is heavy
when I hear you say
you’re just too busy

What will you do with God’s gift of peace and grace as you come into this Christmas season?

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2 thoughts on “Too busy for the real gift?

  1. Dear Ann, just today I started to feel panic welling up inside as I thought about all that remains to be done between now and next Saturday (when we celebrate Christmas early with my husband’s family). I was so thankful when I saw your post in my reader and enjoyed taking a moment to sit back, close my eyes and let the words of Ann Maree-Keefe’s song sink in. Thanks for sharing it!


    1. Dear Tarissa, I’m so glad. I was just thinking again this morning that I want to come into this Christmas quietly, thoughtfully and thankfully. It’s not always easy when there seems to be so much to do. I pray that you will feel the peace of the Lord’s presence with you through every thing you do this week, and that your Christmas celebrations will be a truly blessed time with your family. Ann.


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