How We Can All Learn from the Creativity of a Child

Recently I’ve been pondering the significance of dreaming (and not just about a holiday to New Zealand).

What might we create from the power of our dreams (the day dreams and the sleeping kind)? What might the future look like if we’re willing to dream, willing to imagine something that doesn’t yet exist, willing to pursue it into reality?

How often do we relegate dreaming to the domain of children? The ones who are too young, too innocent, too naive to know that dreaming is only a childhood game to be discarded by adults who ‘know better.’

Do we? Do we really know better?

Melissa Niu’s post, How We Can All Learn from the Creativity of a Child on is a reminder that children are sometimes the best teachers. They reveal the truths that we’ve forgotten, and restore to us a world of wonder and possibility.

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