Seasons Change

The change of season is easy to recognise in nature. The leaves change colour when summer turns to autumn; and fall to the ground as winter arrives. In spring everything is fresh with new life. I took this photograph in June when the last of the autumn leaves were dropping. It reminded me that each season makes way for the next.

A season is also a period of time in life which may bring joy or sorrow, challenges or frustrations, noise or silence, rest or busy-ness, sickness or health, excitement or tedium. A season has its own length, sometimes predictable, sometimes catching me unaware and ill-prepared, sometimes filling me with longing  for its demise, and sometimes lamenting its early exit.

Each season brings me new experiences, new opportunities to learn, to grow, and to love others. Each season grants me a new space in which to become more of the person I was created to be – if I choose.

And just as nature’s seasons give way, one to the next, I’ve discovered that I need to release the old to make room for the new. Sadness may blend with anticipation, but the new season beckons.

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